The Complete Guide to the Bathurst 1000: Top Questions Answered (2023 Update)

The heart-pounding Mount Panorama circuit is home to the iconic Bathurst 1000 race, where speed, skill, and adrenaline converge on one of Australia’s most treacherous and revered racing circuits. 

The Bathurst 1000 always promises to be an exhilarating chapter in the history of motorsport. This article aims to answer the top questions surrounding this legendary event, offering insights into the track, the race, the drivers, and everything else that makes Mount Panorama and the Bathurst 1000 an unparalleled spectacle in motorsports. 


Who won the Bathurst 1000 in 2022?

In 2022, Shane van Gisbergen and his co-driver Garth Tander emerged victorious in the Bathurst 1000. Their exceptional win marked the end of Holden’s era at Bathurst in style. Competing in the Triple Eight Engineering Commodore ZB, van Gisbergen and Tander secured their place in history by clinching their 36th win for Holden in the model’s last appearance at the famed Mount Panorama circuit.

The race in 2022 was nothing short of spectacular, with Chaz Mostert keeping the pressure on van Gisbergen, creating a thrilling and nail-biting finish. Ultimately, van Gisbergen held off Mostert’s relentless pursuit, crossing the finish line just one second ahead to claim the coveted victory. This win not only solidified van Gisbergen and Tander’s place in the Bathurst 1000 history books but also added another unforgettable chapter to the storied legacy of this iconic motorsport event.


What time does Bathurst 1000 start?

The 60th edition of the Bathurst 1000 in 2023 will commence on Sunday, October 8th, with the green flag set to drop at 11:15 a.m. The Bathurst 1000 is a pivotal event on the motorsport calendar. In 2023, it will again serve as Race 24 of the Repco Supercars Championship, attracting top drivers and teams worldwide to compete on the challenging Mount Panorama circuit. Mark your calendars!


What time does the Bathurst 1000 finish?

The Bathurst 1000 concludes when drivers complete 161 laps around the demanding Mount Panorama circuit. This specific lap count, equivalent to approximately 1000 kilometres (hence the name “Bathurst 1000”), is a gruelling test of the vehicles and the drivers’ endurance and skill.

The exact finish time of the race can vary from year to year due to various factors, most notably the occurrence of safety car periods during the race. Safety car periods are initiated in response to on-track incidents, accidents, or adverse weather conditions. When a safety car is deployed, the field of cars is temporarily slowed down, and the race effectively pauses until it can safely resume.

As a result, the race’s finish time can be unpredictable; however, on a typical race day, the Bathurst 1000 generally tends to conclude in the late afternoon or early evening. This will often be around 6 pm local time, providing fans with a thrilling and action-packed day of motorsport excitement at Mount Panorama.

When is the Bathurst 1000 in 2023?

The Bathurst 1000 is not just a single-day race; it’s a four-day extravaganza that engulfs the iconic Mount Panorama circuit and its surroundings with the sights and sounds of motorsport passion. In 2023, this spectacular event is scheduled to take place from Thursday, October 5th, to Sunday, October 9th, offering fans and enthusiasts an extended celebration of motorsport excellence.

In addition to the main event, the Bathurst 1000, the weekend includes five support categories, each showcasing its own unique brand of motorsport excitement. These support categories include Sports Sedans, V8 SuperUtes, TGRA86, Porsche Carrera Cup, and the Dunlop Development Series, adding layers of diversity and entertainment to the overall event.

One of the most highly anticipated moments of the Bathurst 1000 weekend is the Supercars Top 10 Shootout, scheduled for Saturday, October 7th, at 5:05 p.m. This shootout is a pulse-pounding battle where the top ten drivers from the qualifying sessions fight for grid positions in a one-lap dash, setting the stage for a thrilling race day.

The main event, the Repco Bathurst 1000, roars to life on Sunday, October 8th, with the green flag set to drop at 11:15 a.m. This is the culmination of the weekend’s festivities and a celebration of the best motorsport offers.


What is there to do in Bathurst?

While the Bathurst 1000 is undoubtedly the centrepiece of the motorsport calendar in Bathurst, this picturesque region of New South Wales offers a wealth of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy before or during the event. Here are some great things to do in Bathurst:

  • Helicopter Rides: Consider taking a helicopter ride for a truly unique experience and a bird’s-eye view of the Mount Panorama circuit. These scenic flights provide breathtaking views of the track and the stunning surrounding landscape, offering a perspective like no other. It’s a fantastic way to appreciate the beauty and scale of the circuit from above.
  • National Motor Racing Museum: If you’re a motorsport enthusiast or history buff, visiting the National Motor Racing Museum is a must. This museum is located at Mount Panorama, an Australian motorsport history treasure trove. You can explore an extensive collection of racing cars, memorabilia, and exhibits that showcase the rich heritage of motorsport in the country.
  • Local Pubs and Wineries: Bathurst boasts a vibrant culinary scene, and the local pubs and wineries offer a delightful way to unwind before or after a day at the track. Sample some of the region’s finest wines at nearby wineries or savour delicious Australian cuisine at charming local pubs. 


What channel is the Bathurst 1000 on?

The 2023 Repco Bathurst 1000 will be telecast on the Seven Network. Foxtel has you covered if you’re looking for comprehensive coverage and want to catch every moment leading up to and including the race itself. Foxtel will broadcast the main race and every practice and qualifying session, ensuring you get the action on the track. Their ad-free coverage allows you to immerse yourself fully in the racing experience without interruptions.

Where is Bathurst?

Bathurst, located in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, is a historical city approximately 200 kilometres west of Sydney. It’s known for its stunning natural surroundings and, of course, for being the iconic home of motorsport in Australia.

The world-renowned Mount Panorama Racing Circuit stands at Bathurst’s heart, hosting five major motorsport events annually. These events are among the most prestigious and highly anticipated on the Australian motorsport calendar, attracting top drivers, teams, and passionate fans from around the country and beyond.

Of these events, the Bathurst 1000 is undoubtedly the most iconic. The challenging nature of the Mount Panorama circuit, with its steep inclines, tight corners, and dramatic elevation changes, makes the Bathurst 1000 a true test of skill, endurance, and strategy.

In addition to the Bathurst 1000, the Mount Panorama circuit hosts a diverse range of motorsport events that showcase various disciplines, from touring cars to endurance racing. These events contribute to Bathurst’s reputation as the motorsport capital of Australia, drawing a year-round crowd of enthusiasts who come to witness the thrilling action on the iconic circuit.


How can you drive on the Bathurst track?

One of the unique and fascinating aspects of Bathurst, specifically the Mount Panorama Racing Circuit, is that this legendary track is actually a public road when not used for motorsport events. Throughout the year, this public road transforms into a racetrack on five separate occasions, allowing motorsport enthusiasts to experience the thrill of driving on the same iconic asphalt that has witnessed some of the most legendary races in Australia’s history.

For those who own a track car or a high-performance race car, one of the most accessible ways to test your driving skills on the challenging Mount Panorama circuit is by participating in the “Challenge Bathurst” event. This event is designed to provide non-professional drivers with the opportunity to take on the track and experience the twists, turns, and elevation changes of Mount Panorama in a controlled environment. It’s a chance to push your car to the limit while adhering to safety regulations and enjoying the thrill of driving on this historic circuit.

If you don’t have a track-ready vehicle, the best way to drive the circuit is to book a Fastrack V8 Race drive or hot laps experience. This allows you to step into a professionally prepared V8 race car and experience these machines’ true speed and power. It’s an exhilarating way to get a taste of what it’s like to navigate the challenging corners and straights of Mount Panorama that you’ll never forget!

Who will win the Bathurst 1000?

The 2023 Repco Supercars Drivers Championship is shaping up to be a fiercely competitive battle, and as the motorsport world eagerly anticipates the Bathurst 1000, one thing is clear: predicting the winner of this iconic race is no easy task. With only 300 points separating the top five drivers in the championship standings, the stakes are higher than ever, and the Bathurst 1000 is poised to play a pivotal role in determining the eventual champion.

The leading contenders in the championship include Brodie Kostecki, Shane van Gisbergen, Brock Feeney, Will Brown, and Chaz Mostert. Each driver has showcased exceptional skill and determination throughout the season, making it incredibly challenging to single out a frontrunner. However, van Gisbergen and Mostert, known for their experience and success at Mount Panorama, are poised to be strong contenders. 


Who won the Bathurst 12 Hour in 2023?

The Liqui-moly Bathurst 12 Hour race has undoubtedly evolved into a global phenomenon, attracting some of the world’s top GT3 teams and drivers. What was once a local Australian event has become an international sensation known for its fierce competition, challenging circuit, and breathtaking racing action.

In the 2023 race edition, held on February 5th, the victory was claimed by the Sun Energy 1 AKKodis ASP Team, a testament to the calibre of talent and machinery that graces the Mount Panorama circuit for this prestigious event. The triumphant trio of drivers—Kenny Habul, Jules Gounon, and Luca Stolz—piloted a Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo to victory, showcasing their exceptional skill and teamwork.

What made the 2023 Bathurst 12-Hour race even more remarkable was the intense competition that unfolded on the track. The finish was spectacular after an exhausting 323 laps around the challenging circuit. Three cars, including the eventual winners from Sun Energy 1 AKKodis ASP Team, were separated by less than 1.5 seconds at the end of the race. This closely contested battle epitomises the level of competition that the Bathurst 12 Hour consistently delivers.


How many times has Shane van Gisbergen won Bathurst?

Shane van Gisbergen secured victory at the Bathurst 12-Hour Race in 2016, expertly guiding a McLaren to the top spot on the podium. His achievement elevated him to an exclusive group of just nine drivers who have managed the remarkable double of triumphing at both the Bathurst 12 Hour and the Bathurst 1000. If that wasn’t impressive enough, van Gisbergen clinched the prestigious Bathurst 1000 title in 2020 and followed it up with a second triumph in 2022.

How long is the Bathurst track?

The Mount Panorama Racing Circuit stretches over 6.213 kilometres (approximately 3.861 miles) in length. Nestled within the circuit precinct are 32 residential properties, making it a unique and somewhat unconventional location for motorsport events. This coexistence of homes and racing adds a distinct character to the track!

Another defining feature of the Mount Panorama circuit is its dramatic elevation changes. The track spans an impressive 174 meters in elevation difference, making it a true rollercoaster for drivers and spectators. The gradients on certain sections of the track exceed 15%, making for steep ascents and descents as cars tackle the slopes of the “mountain.”

Conrod Straight is one of the most famous segments of the Mount Panorama circuit. It’s a high-speed straightaway where cars can reach blistering speeds, making it one of the fastest stretches in Australian motorsport. 


How many laps is the Bathurst 1000?

The Bathurst 1000 requires competitors to complete 161 laps around the legendary Mount Panorama Racing Circuit. Each lap around Mount Panorama covers a distance of approximately 6.213 kilometres, making for a total race distance of approximately 1,000 kilometres.

The requirement to complete 161 laps on this demanding circuit sets the Bathurst 1000 apart from many other motorsport events. The unpredictable weather conditions further add to the challenge. Rain, fog, and changing track conditions can make the race even more demanding, requiring drivers and teams to adapt and make strategic decisions on the fly.


What car is Garth Tander driving in the Bathurst 1000 in 2023?

Legendary five-time Bathurst 1000 winner Garth Tander will be taking the wheel of a Ford Mustang as part of Grove Racing at the iconic Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst.

Teaming up with David Reynolds, a highly accomplished and recognised name in Australian motorsport, Tander is poised to make a formidable pairing behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang. Tander’s track record at Bathurst speaks volumes, with five previous victories demonstrating his intimate knowledge of the track’s nuances and his ability to handle the high-pressure environment of Australia’s premier endurance race.

The Ford Mustang, an iconic nameplate in American and Australian motorsport, has made a strong impact in the Supercars championship. Tander’s transition to this iconic car adds an extra layer of intrigue to the 2023 Bathurst 1000.


What cars are in the Bathurst 1000 in 2023?

The 2023 Bathurst 1000 introduces the eagerly anticipated Gen 3 Supercars. This new era in the Supercars championship brings fresh excitement and competition to Mount Panorama, with the grid featuring 15 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1s going head-to-head with 13 Ford Mustang GTs.

The introduction of the Gen 3 Supercars is a significant development designed to enhance competition, improve cost efficiency, and entertain fans and participants. With Chevrolet Camaro ZL1s and Ford Mustang GTs sharing the track, the 2023 Bathurst 1000 promises to showcase the classic rivalry between these iconic American muscle cars.

The 2022 Bathurst 1000 marked the end of an era for Holden as they bowed out of the competition in style. Holden had been a dominant force at Bathurst for decades, accumulating an impressive 39 race wins from the 59 Bathurst 1000s before the 2023 race. Their legacy and contribution to the event’s history are undeniable!

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