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Lewis Hamilton Driving for Ferrari in the 2025 F1 Season 


Buckle up, F1 fans, because Lewis Hamilton, the king of the track, is ditching the silver arrow gang and donning the iconic red Ferrari overalls. Yeah, you heard it right – Lewis is trading the cozy confines of Mercedes for the passionate embrace of the prancing horse.


Don’t think this decision was as easy as ordering a pizza. Lewis spilled the beans, saying, “I’ve had an amazing 11 years with this team, and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved together.” Mercedes has been more than just a pit stop for him; metaphorically speaking, it’s where he grew up. But, as they say, all good things must end, and Lewis is revving up for a new challenge.


You have to think age and the record books are both on Lewis’ mind, especially when, arguably, the F1 GOAT is not in a competitive car, he’s about to turn 40, and he’s got 7 titles, tied for the most with Michael Schumacher. We could predict Lewis won’t win the title with Mercedes this year. That leaves him turning 40 in January 2025, with a relatively short window to leave a record number of titles as only 3 other drivers have won in their forties: Juan Manuel Fangio (46), Guiseppe Farina (43) and Jack Brabham (40).


In the words of the man himself, “The time is right for me to take this step, and I’m excited to be taking on a new challenge.” And what’s this challenge, you ask? Well, it involves Maranello, spaghetti, and a whole lot of racing fervour. Hamilton is joining the legendary Ferrari team, a move that’s sending shockwaves through the F1 universe.



How did Mercedes react?

Toto Wolff, the brain behind the Mercedes powerhouse, had to swallow a bitter pill but managed to put on a brave face. He admitted that the day would come when the Hamilton-Mercedes love affair would hit the brakes. “Our relationship with Lewis has become the most successful the sport has seen,” Wolff said.


So, who’s the lucky guy partnering up with Lewis in the red corner? It’s none other than Charles Leclerc, and you can bet the Tifosi are already counting down the days to see this dream team in action. As for Carlos Sainz, well, he’s gracefully making way for the British sensation.


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Hamilton’s Mercedes journey has been nothing short of legendary

From his debut in 2013, he turned the silver arrows into a dominating force, leaving the competition in his rearview mirror like they were standing still. But every race has a finish line, and Lewis is ready for the next chapter in the book of his racing legacy.



Ferrari has the most titles with 15, clear of McLaren’s 12 and Lewis has helped bring Mercedes up to 9, but hasn’t tasted championship glory since flip phones were cool. So Hamilton’s move to the F1 empire marquee is not just a transfer – it’s a seismic shift. Can the combination of Hamilton and Ferrari break the dry spell and bring back the championship glory days? Well, F1 enthusiasts, fasten your seatbelts; it’s about to get interesting on the tarmac, as no doubt the move in 2025 will also add intrigue to the upcoming 2024 season. The script writers for ‘Drive to Survive’ must be working overtime!


Ferrari has been knocking on Hamilton’s door for years

But why the sudden change of heart? Well, let’s break it down.


Lewis isn’t one to shy away from bold moves. Remember in 2012 when he left the McLaren nest, the team that handed him his F1 debut and helped him snatch his first title? He packed his bags and headed to Mercedes, a team that, at the time, was more mid-pack than podium.


Fast forward 11 seasons, and Hamilton’s turned Mercedes into an unstoppable force, bagging six world championships and 82 Grand Prix wins. Talk about a glow-up! Ferrari kept knocking, but Lewis waved them off like a champ.


But lately, the road’s been rocky for the Brit. Losing the 2021 championship in nail-biting fashion hit him hard. And let’s face it, driving a car that’s not up to par with Red Bull? That’s like putting Hamilton in a go-kart and expecting him to beat Usain Bolt in a sprint.


Mercedes, once the love of his racing life, started hitting a rough patch. The belief that they’d bounce back faded as the struggles continued. So, Lewis looked over the fence, and what did he see? Ferrari’s masterplan for 2025 is a year when F1 will hit the reset button with new rules. That got him thinking.


Ferrari’s pitch was convincing. They laid out their cards, showed him the blueprint for the future, and Hamilton went ‘all in’. Plus, trust comes easy when your old boss, Fred Vasseur, is steering the Ferrari ship. The man worked wonders in just a year, turning Ferrari around.


The masterminds at Ferrari who pulled off the coup richly rewarded the Ferrari shareholders even before the racing starts. Lewis Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari triggered a remarkable ten percent surge in the company’s team’s share, translating to an impressive boost of just under USD$7 billion (£5.48 billion) on the New York Stock Exchange.


And let’s not forget the romantic twist

Ayrton Senna, Hamilton’s childhood hero, dreamt of racing for Ferrari. Now, Lewis is fulfilling that dream. Talk about full circle.


Sure, it’s a gamble. Ferrari hasn’t sipped from the championship cup for a while but waiting for a faster car is no way to spend your last years of greatness. Hamilton’s no stranger to betting on himself, and the negotiation dance with Mercedes for his last contract was no cakewalk. Ferrari came in with a multi-year deal that showed more commitment than Mercedes was willing to dish out. 



At 39, Lewis is making his final pit stop with Ferrari. If he snags that elusive eighth title, he’s the undisputed GOAT. If not, he leaves with his head high, no regrets, and a legacy that’s etched in the annals of F1 history. It’s a high-stakes move, but with Hamilton’s track record, who’s doubting he’ll come out on top? Buckle up, F1 fans; the Maranello magic show is about to begin.




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