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Be the King of the Mountain at Mount Panorama, Bathurst

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Mount Panorama Racing Circuit—the ultimate destination for any V8 Supercar fan. The premier bucket list experience that only a select few ever have the fortune to tick off their list. Only Fastrack Experiences has the Motorsport Australia accreditation to provide V8 drives and hot laps on this challenging 6.2 km iconic road circuit.

Everything about the Mt Panorama track is built for thrills. Ranked the #5 race-track in the world, it’s home to the iconic Bathurst 1000, Bathurst 12 hour and Bathurst 6 hour — the biggest events on the V8 Supercar calendar.

However, when events aren’t taking place, Mt Panorama is a public road which means that experiencing the power of ‘The Mountain’ is usually only limited to V8 Supercar and 12 Hour racing professionals.

The Ultimate Bathurst V8 Drive Experience

With Fastrack V8 now you can live your dream of being King of the Mountain for a day!

By purchasing a gift card for a V8 driving or hot lap experience, or booking your spot at one of our exclusive Mt Panorama drive days, you’ll join an elite club of Fastrack V8 Supercar Experience drivers. Our V8 drive and hot lap experiences put you behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of some of the most beautiful high performance V8 race cars in Australia.

Bathurst Hot Laps: Living the Dream

Dreams really can become reality. Imagine you or a mate taking on Mt Panorama’s unusual and exhilarating design and 174-metre vertical difference. High octane straights, tight turns, narrow sections and the famous Conrod Straight—from start line to finish line, Mt Panorama offers some of the most unique and exciting V8 driving experiences in the world.

Feeling the need for top speed? With Bathurst hot laps, you can ride in the passenger seat with a professional driver behind the wheel. Hold on tight as you enjoy the adrenaline-pumping ride of a lifetime!

Experience One of Australia’s Most Iconic Racing Circuits

V8 racing events on Mt Panorama can be viewed in three sections; the short pit straight and then a tight left turn into the long, steep Mountain Straight; the tight, narrow section across the top of the mountain itself; and then the long, downhill section of the famous Conrod Straight. Finally, the very fast Chase and the turn back onto pit straight will complete your V8 drive or hot lap experience.

Because our Fastrack V8 Supercar experience days at Mt Panorama are limited, they sell out fast. So whether you’re ready to experience the exhilaration of driving your own V8 race car, or you’d rather take hot laps with a racing superstar—now’s the time to jump onboard and make your dream of taking on Mt Panorama in a high performance V8 race car, a reality.

  • Mountain Hot Laps

    Mt. Panorama - Bathurst, NSW

    • 2 Hot laps
    $600.00 @$300/lap
  • On sale

    King of the Mountain Drive

    Mt. Panorama - Bathurst, NSW

    • 4 Drive laps
    $1,000.00 @$250/lap
  • John Bowe Mustang Shootout

    Mt. Panorama - Bathurst, NSW

    • 2 Hot laps
    $1,000.00 @$500/lap
  • On sale

    The Auto Action

    Mt. Panorama - Bathurst, NSW

    • 4 Drive laps
    $1,000.00 @$250/lap
  • The Mustang Chase

    Mt. Panorama - Bathurst, NSW

    • 4 Drive laps
    $1,500.00 @$375/lap


Is the Bathurst race track a public road?

Yes, Bathurst the race track named the Mount Panorama Racing Circuit in New South Wales, Australia is a public road when not used for racing events. It’s a unique street circuit that is limited to 60 km/hr in two directions, that transforms into a 6.213 kilometre anti-clockwise closed circuit for racing and motorsport events.

When is the Bathurst 1000?

Throughout the year, the Bathurst track is open to the public for normal road use. However, during race events, it is closed off and transformed into a challenging and iconic motorsport circuit. Most notably for the Bathurst 1000, a prominent race 1,000-kilometre race for V8 cars in the Supercars Championship series. This annual event known as the ‘Great Race’ in October each year is hugely popular drawing spectators from all over Australia and generates large TV viewing audiences all over the world.

When are the Bathurst race dates?

There are currently five race events at Bathurst which use the famous Mount Panorama Racing Circuit, with the Bathurst 1000 being the biggest event. Each Event is run annually at different times during the year:

The Bathurst 12 Hour (February): A GT endurance race that features a variety of GT3 and other sports cars competing on the Mount Panorama Circuit.

The Bathurst 6 Hour (Easter): A 3-day motorsport event featuring a six-hour production car race with a large field of over 60 cars held on the Mount Panorama Circuit on Easter Sunday.

The Bathurst 1000 (October): The Bathurst 1000, known as the ‘Great Race’ is one of Australia’s most iconic motorsport events, featuring a Supercars Championship 1,000 kilometre race first held on the Mountain Panorama circuit in 1962.

Bathurst International (November): A newer event featuring various racing categories, including the TCR Australia Series, S5000 Championship, and others designed to attract overseas drivers.

Challenge Bathurst (November): Designed to provide access to the Circuit for more grassroots motorsport competitors, Challenge Bathurst provides a two-day Supersprint with practice for racing teams and drivers, and a two-day Regularity for owners of performance street cars and track racecars.

Who owns the Bathurst race track?

The Bathurst race track, Mount Panorama Racing Circuit, is owned by the Bathurst Regional Council. It was first constructed as a ‘scenic road’ in 1938 by Martin Griffith, the Bathurst Mayor and member of the Bathurst Light Car Club and over the years has evolved to be one of the world’s most challenging and famous motor racing circuits.

Who has won the Bathurst 1000 the most times?

Driving is shared by a lead and support driver and seven drivers who have won the Bathurst 1000 on five times or more. Peter Brock has won on nine occasions with Jim Richards winning seven times. Larry Perkins and Mark Skaife have both seen the chequered flag six times, Craig Lowndes five and Bob Jane and Harry Firth on four occasions.

In 2006, the Peter Brock trophy became the winner’s trophy the annual Bathurst 1000.

How long is the Bathurst race track?

Known as the Mount Panorama Racing Circuit, the track has a total length of 6.213 kilometres (3.861 miles). The track features a mix of fast straights, tight corners, and elevation changes, contributing to its reputation as one of the most challenging and iconic circuits in motorsports with the fastest average speed of any race track in Australia.

What is the elevation change at the Bathurst race track?

The Bathurst race track, Mount Panorama Racing Circuit, is known for its significant elevation change. The track climbs from its lowest point to its highest point, creating a challenging and thrilling driving experience. The difference in elevation between the lowest and highest points of the circuit is approximately 174 meters (571 feet).

Can I camp at the Bathurst race track?

Camping is a popular tradition during major motorsport events at the Bathurst race track, Mount Panorama Racing Circuit. The circuit offers dedicated camping areas for spectators, allowing fans to stay close to the action. One of the most popular is the McPhillamy Park Campground overlooking the McPhillamy section of track just before Brock’s Skyline on the top of Mount Panorama.

What’s the best Hotel for Bathurst?

The Bathurst region offers a variety of hotels and accommodations for visitors attending events at the Bathurst race track. There are very good hotels in Bathurst itself as well as in nearby towns. For an indulgence, you can even stay overlooking the high speed ‘Chase’ on Conrod Straight in the Rydges Mount Panorama hotel.

Where is the Bathurst Racing Museum located?

The National Motor Racing Museum is located on ‘Murray’s Corner’, the last corner before the start and finish pit straight at the Mount Panorama Racing Circuit in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. The museum showcases the rich history of Australian motorsports, including the iconic Bathurst 1000 race. It features a collection of historic cars, memorabilia, and displays that highlight the evolution of motorsport in the region. It’s a must-visit for racing enthusiasts and those interested in the history of Australian motorsports.

What are the Corner names at Bathurst?

The Mount Panorama Racing Circuit is known for its unique and iconic corner names that pay tribute to motorsport history and local landmarks. Some of the notable corners include:


  1. Hell Corner: The first corner of the track, known for its tight and challenging nature.
  2. The Cutting: A steep ascent with a sharp turn cut through the rock walls.
  3. Reid Park: Named after Harry Reid, a former mayor of Bathurst.
  4. Sulman Park: Named after architect Sir John Sulman.
  5. McPhillamy Park: Named after George McPhillamy, who built the first car to climb the Mount Panorama hill.
  6. Brock’s Skyline: Named after racing legend Peter Brock.
  7. The Esses: A sequence of tight corners on a steep descent.
  8. Forrest’s Elbow: Named after Jack Forrest, a local motorbike racer who scraped this elbow on the barrier on this corner.
  9. Conrod Straight: The longest straight section of the track on the final decent from the Mountain.
  10. The Chase: The fastest corner in Australian motorsport added to ‘slow’ cars down following deaths on Conrod Straight.
  11. Murray’s: the final left-hander coming onto the start/finish straight.

What are best lap records at Bathurst?

Challenge Bathurst (GT Supersprint): The outright official lap record was set by German driver Christopher Mies at Challenge Bathurst in 2018 in an Audi R8 GT3 car with a lap time of 1:59.321.

Supercars Championship (Bathurst 1000): The official lap record for the Bathurst 1000 race was set by Chaz Mostert in 2019, with a time of 2:04.7602.

Bathurst 12 Hour (GT3): The official lap record for GT3 cars in the Bathurst 12 Hour race was set by Shane van Gisbergen in 2020, with a time of 2:01.5672.

Bathurst 6 Hour (Production Cars): The official lap record for production cars in the Bathurst 6 Hour race was set by Beric Lynton in 2017, with a time of 2:26.7296.

How did Mount Panorama get its name?

In 1934, local woman Kathleen Walsh won 10 shillings for her winning suggestion of Mount Panorama in a Bathurst Council competition to rename the hill and surrounding area were initially known as Bald Hill. The hill and its stunning vistas led to the name change and the race track is officially known as “Mount Panorama Racing Circuit”. In 2015, Mount Panorama in Bathurst has been given an official second name, Wahluu, meaning “young man’s initiation place”.

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