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From Passion to Profession: James Lodge’s Fastrack Audition Journey

James Lodge’s Fastrack Audition Journey-1

Lots of people dream about becoming a race car driver. It’s right up there with being an astronaut, a fireman, or even a superhero. However, very few actually commit to and eventually achieve this dream.

At Fastrack Experiences, we’re all about making dreams come true. This is why we run our Audition program, an experience option that offers any person, even with no racing experience the chance to become a professional hot laps driver with an opportunity to win a 12-month contract with Fastrack gaining a ton of track time in a race ready V8 and getting paid for every lap.

Sounds too good to be true? Possibly a bit unbelievable? Well, let us introduce you to James Lodge, a person whose love for speed ignited at the tender age of 5. James’s journey moved from a Grand Prix enthusiast to a Fastrack prodigy, and he stands as a shining example of how dreams are just goals you haven’t achieved yet.

Picture a wide-eyed kid at Albert Park, ears ringing with the thunderous roars of racing engines. That was James, hooked from that very moment. “Loud cars, fast cars—I was sold,” he reminisces.

James Lodge’s Fastrack Audition Journey-2

So, what nudged James into the Fastrack Audition arena? A simple Facebook ad. “I saw a Facebook ad by Fastrack and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to get more experience driving a race car,” he chuckles.

And boy, did he seize it! His lap times during the Fastrack Audition turned heads. “I was extremely happy with how the audition went. With so many drivers competing for one spot, I didn’t expect to even be in the Shoot Out, let alone win it. The coaches were extremely helpful and made the experience easy and enjoyable. I just focused on the job, and the lap times came,” James beams, recalling his winning moment.

James Lodge’s Fastrack Audition Journey-3

Now, as part of the Fastrack family, James is living the dream. “Being part of the Fastrack team is just amazing. Everyone is super nice and makes me feel welcome. There is a sense of community, and the people there and the customers I take for hot laps make me excited to go to work on the weekends. The cars are fantastic to drive, and I feel privileged to be able to drive them as a job.”

But James isn’t coasting through in his cushy new Fastrack position. With his Fastrack experience improving his race craft, his improved Victorian Excel series results and commitment has taken him to the next level, a 86 GR Cup season with Ashley Seward Motorsport. “It’s the big leagues now,” he grins. “This year, I will be racing in the 86 GR Cup under Ashley Seward Motorsport. Ash has run me in the Excel Series for the last two years and has been fantastic for my driver development.”

The TGRA 86 Series is a platform where aspiring racers showcase their skills, go head-to-head with seasoned pros, while challenging themselves on some of Australia’s finest racing circuits. It isn’t just your run-of-the-mill racing competition—it’s a breeding ground for talent. At every round, two invited professional drivers lock horns with a hungry pack of over 35 ambitious racers, each vying for their shot at racing stardom.

The TGRA 86 Series has a strict car setup mandated for all competitors; it’s not about who has the deepest pockets—it’s about putting your talent to the test. Each racer is also paired with a dedicated motorsport off-track mentor, ensuring they’re armed with the knowledge, guidance, and expertise needed to conquer the track.

As James tells us, “I’m excited to be stepping up to a championship where I can show my talent on a national stage against some of Australia’s best drivers. To win the championship this year would be a dream come true, and my team and I are working extremely hard to make it a reality.”

James Lodge’s Fastrack Audition Journey-4

So, should you consider a Fastrack Audition? According to James, it’s a no-brainer. “I think anyone passionate about cars in general or motorsport should audition with Fastrack. The skills you learn in the car and the memories made every weekend can’t be replicated anywhere else, and the professionalism of the team is world-class. If you’re a petrolhead, you should definitely consider auditioning.”

Now, you might be thinking Fastrack Audition sounds like it’s only for seasoned race car drivers. Wrong. Dead wrong. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Fastrack Audition is for everyone and most of the drivers who qualify for the Shoot Out have never raced. So you don’t need an ounce of racing experience to throw your hat into the ring. Fastrack Audition is the ultimate equalizer, where someone like James, a regular bloke with an insatiable passion for speed, can live the dream as a professional hot lap driver and many others enjoy the experience so much, they are now paid Fastrack In-Car Coaches.

And for those eyeing the audition stage, James has some golden advice: “The biggest piece of advice I could give about the audition process is not to focus on your speed until the shootout. Being able to follow instructions, make quick decisions, stay consistent, and take care of your car is more important, and your ability to do this in the first stage of your audition is what is going to get you through to the shootout. ”

And there you have it; if James’s high-octane journey sounds like something you’ve been pining for, strap in, hit the gas, and chase those dreams. Fastrack Audition awaits, and you can learn more about it here.

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