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Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit


Sydney Motorsport Park, formerly known as Eastern Creek Raceway, is one of Australia’s most known and loved car and motorcycle racing circuits. From the Motorcycle Grand Prix, A1GP, and the legendary V8 Supercar series—Sydney Motorsport Park is home to some of the most iconic moments in international motorsport.

As well as being the only permanent track in Sydney, a 2011 refurbishment and extension has made it wildly popular for race drivers, motor racing enthusiasts and those lucky enough to come by and test the track themselves with a hair-raising V8 Supercar driving and hot lap experience, or an amazing Exotic Supercar Drive experience.

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for any car racing enthusiast, why not purchase either a V8 hot lap or driving experience or Exotic Supercar Drive experience gift card! There’s no better way to spend an exhilarating day out at Sydney Motorsport Park.

History of Sydney Motorsport Park

Sydney Motorsport Park started life as Eastern Creek Raceway back 1989 as a joint project with the NSW Government. By the time its first circuit—The GP Circuit—was built in November 1990, “The Creek” was considerably better than other tracks available in Australia at the time.

With highlights like an impressive race control tower that gave officials a bird’s eye view of proceedings, a 4000 seat grandstand and pit garages with room for 50 competitors, Eastern Creek was built to impress. And it didn’t take long for high quality international events to come calling.

In 1991, the complex was purchased in-full by the New South Wales Government, with day-to-day operations entrusted to the Australian Racing Drivers Club. Quickly, a deal was struck to host the 1991-1933 Motorcycle Grand Prix, held on the weekend of 5-7 April 1991. And what an opening for The Creek with local motorcycle GP legends Mick Doohan, Wayne Gardner and Kevin McGee up against (and subsequently losing to) American superstar Wayne Rainey.

However, the main event of Sydney motorsport came along in 1992 when the V8 Supercars made their first appearance at the circuit.

Iconic V8 Supercar racing events were held at Eastern Creek from 1992 – 2008 (except for 2006) graced by the biggest names in V8 and high performance car racing. While the action temporarily moved to the Sydney Olympic Park from 2008, Eastern Creek spent a few years playing host to some pre-season tests.

However, by 2014, the circuit was back on the V8 Supercar calendar again, much to the delight of fans and drivers.

From Eastern Creek Raceway to Sydney Motorsport Park

In the mid 2000s, Eastern Creek was ready to undergo some major refurbishments. This led to the NSW Government offering $7 million towards the project In 2011, with the Australian Racing Drivers Club throwing in an extra $2 million—not enough to cover all the upgrades required, but enough to get a modified proposal going.

The proposal covered a new extension to the southern track, including its own pits so that it could be run independently from the other tracks. The original turn 6/7 complex was modified to create a single right-hand bend, the main pit was refurbished and construction of a new race control tower and client rooms began, all of which are used by our Fastrack V8 Race and Fastrack Exotic Supercar Drive customers today.

By October 2011 a new track, ‘Druitt Circuit’ was completed followed by an 830-meter extension of the south-eastern part of the circuit to create the Amaroo Circuit in May 2012. Finally, the Grand Prix course was refined to form a longer 2.8 mile circuit, titled the Brabham course in honour of the double F1 World Champion.

With all upgrades complete, it was only fitting that Eastern Creek Raceway was given a brand new title to accompany it’s new layout—the Sydney Motorsport Park.

Sydney Motorsport Park circuits

All seven Sydney Motorsport Park circuits run in a clockwise direction. And there’s even a track suitable for 4WD off-roading, as well as a fully-equipped figure 8 skid circuit.

Gardner GP Circuit

The Gardner GP circuit is the original 3.93 km Grand Prix circuit from 1990. It complies with FIA category two stands and has hosted the Motorcycle Grand Prix, V8 Supercars and A1GP.

Gardener offers challenging bends, curves and straights for the ultimate cornering, braking and passing opportunities. The first turn is considered one of the fastest in Australia.

Brabham Circuit

At 4.5 km long, the Brabham circuit takes the original Grand Prix layout but adds another 830 m of track on the southern end of the circuit. The Turn 11 hairpin leads to a fast uphill run through turn 12/13 before rejoining the Grand Prix layout.

Druitt (North) Circuit

At Fastrack V8 we use the 2.8 km Druitt track for our V8 racing and hot lap experiences. Not only is it one of the smoothest driving tracks in Australia, it offers 8 exhilarating corners that are guaranteed to thrill but still give you plenty of time to reach top speeds on the straight. A truly once in a lifetime experience.

Amaroo (South) Circuit

Although at 1.8km, Amaroo is the shortest track at the Sydney Motorsport Park, it includes plenty of thrills such as a thrilling hairpin turn as it runs around the famous Corporate Hill. A highly technical circuit that excites all levels of drivers.

Where is Sydney Motorsport Park?

If you’re ready to experience the absolute thrill of getting behind the wheel of a high performance V8 race car or an Exotic Supercar, here’s where you can find Sydney Motorsport Park.

We’re located in the Sydney suburb of Eastern Creek, an easy drive from the CBD via the M4 Motorway. Simply exit at Reservoir Road to the Great Western Highway.

Turn right to go under the M4 then turn left to get onto the Great Western Highway. After heading left into Brabham Drive, turn at the traffic lights opposite the Shell service station on the corner. Once you reach the roundabout at the end of Brabham Drive (near the Chifley Hotel) turn right and follow Ferrers Road around the Gate A entry.

If you’re coming via public transport, take the train from the CBD to Blackwood then the 724 bus to Huntigwood Dr, for a short walk to the Sydney Motorsport Park.

No matter how you decide to get there, we’ll have a high performance V8 race car or Exotic Supercar ready and waiting to take you for the ultimate hot lap or driving experience!


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    Sydney Motorsport Park North Circuit - Sydney, NSW

    • 12 Drive laps
    $960.00 @$80/lap
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    Sydney Motorsport Park North Circuit - Sydney, NSW

    • 6 Drive laps
    $450.00 @$75/lap
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    Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit - Sydney, NSW

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    Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit - Sydney, NSW

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    $840.00 @$84/lap
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    Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit - Sydney, NSW

    • 12 Drive laps
    $980.00 @$82/lap
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    Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit - Sydney, NSW

    • 4 Drive laps
    $360.00 @$90/lap
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    Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit - Sydney, NSW

    • 6 Drive laps
    $460.00 @$77/lap
  • The Potenza - Lamborghini

    Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit - Sydney, NSW

    • 4 Drive laps
    $440.00 @$110/lap
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Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit

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