The Corsa – Lamborghini + Lotus

Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit - Sydney, NSW

  • 10 Drive laps
    6 Drive Laps – Lamborghini
    4 Drive Laps – Lotus

Choose to drive the stunning Lamborghini and top it off with the incredibly lively Lotus. This combination places you in the driving seat across the full spectrum of power, class and responsiveness. This experience will have all your senses come alive, leaving the track fully satisfied but still mystified about which one was better.

Corsa, named for being synonymous with motorsport, translating to it’s a race against time.

You will be driving on the South Circuit, which is 1.8km around the famous Corporate Hill. This circuit is a sharp, technical circuit with a fantastic mix of corners that will test drivers of all levels. All experiences are lap timed Pit to Pit and the Lamborghini’s will be set to automatic performance transmission mode, so anyone can enjoy this incredible Supercar and although the Lotus’s are a manual transmission, our professional instructors are there to assist even if you have not driven a manual transmission before, so you can experience the incredible power to weight ratio and performance of this dynamic track car.

Sydney Motorsport Park, formerly known as Eastern Creek Raceway, is one of Australia’s most known and loved car and motorcycle racing circuits. From the Motorcycle Grand Prix, A1GP, and the legendary V8 Supercar series—Sydney Motorsport Park is home to some of the most iconic moments in international motorsport.

As well as being the only permanent track in Sydney, a 2011 refurbishment and extension has made it wildly popular for race drivers, motor racing enthusiasts and those lucky enough to come by and test the track themselves with a hair-raising V8 Supercar driving and hot lap experience, or an amazing Exotic Supercar Drive experience.

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for any car racing enthusiast, why not purchase either a V8 hot lap or driving experience or Exotic Supercar Drive experience gift card! There’s no better way to spend an exhilarating day out at Sydney Motorsport Park.

On the day

Weather Information


Fastrack Supercar Drive will make an assessment of the weather conditions at the track on the experience day and leave an updated recorded message from 7am. This message is updated on an hourly basis. We recommend that you call the number no earlier than just before you are about to leave home. Please do not leave a message, as messages are not monitored and your call will not be returned. This is an information line only.

If the message indicates that your booking time is delayed or cancelled, you can call us from Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm (excluding NSW public holidays) and have your voucher number or booking confirmation number available to rebook.

If you are travelling more than 3 hours, we recommend that you reschedule your event if the message states that we are delayed due to wet weather or keep calling the weather watch number to receive updates.

Voucher Terms & Conditions for Wet Weather
• Free to rebook
• 12-month expiry applied to voucher from date of rain
• No penalties apply

Session Length

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking time. Allow approximately 2 hours.

Indemnity Form

An Indemnity form will need to be completed by the participant in the experience. The indemnity form can be downloaded here

Important to know

Dress Code

Clothing requirements: All participants are required to wear comfortable clothing that covers wrist to ankle, (long sleeves and long pants)

Footwear requirements: We strongly advise that you wear soft narrow shoes enabling you to feel the pedals and comfortably navigate between accelerator and braking.

Spectator Information

We welcome all spectators being general, friends and family. The location to which we operate has ample parking, shade, refreshments nearby and amenity access for those with diverse abilities.

As this is one of our three exclusive ‘combination’ experiences; to ensure we schedule your date preference and which car you drive first, please, call us on 1800 887 223 where our friendly staff will talk you through availability and promptly book you in.

If this is a gift for someone and you require a voucher, that’s no problem either. Just call and we will put that together for you.


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