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Supercars Gen 3: The next generation of Supercars revealed

The Gen3 supercars promise to bring a new level of excitement to the Supercars series, and we can’t wait to see them in action! Fifteen Gen3 supercars have been revealed at the date of this article post four weeks prior to the first Championship Round at Newcastle in March, 2023.

The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive with both Ford fans giving the more street-like Mustang the thumbs up, everyone, including Holden fans, have been hanging out to see the new Chevrolet Camaros, and they haven’t been disappointed!

While Todd Hazelwood has not been a Championship contender to date, the Blanchard Racing Team took the Gen 3 release pole position, being the first team to reveal and test their CoolDrive Racing Mustang. They set a high standard with the stunning classic livery. Matt Stone Racing were first to put their Truck Assist Camaro on track for testing and while the livery only featured their primary sponsor, the finished cars now look awesome.

The new Gen3 Mustangs and Camaros are getting rave reviews, exciting fans and are on the way to starting a next generation of rivalry. We can’t wait to see them on track, with their drivers seeing what they can get out of the new cars and unlikely to keep them as shiny as they are right now:

You can now take a look at the first 20 or so, in no particular order…

CoolDrive Racing Mustang – Blanchard Racing Team

CoolDrive Racing Mustang - Blanchard Racing Team gen 3 car

“It looks fast just sitting still.” If there’s a line that can sum up Blanchard Racing Team’s Gen 3 Mustang, it’s this statement from Todd Hazelwood.

From aggressive lines to sleek, aerodynamic design, this supercar is a true force to be reckoned with.

Its CoolDrive Auto Parts livery only adds to its appeal. The metallic blue and white design makes this car stand out on the track, and its bold graphics are sure to catch the eye.

Penrite Racing Mustang – Grove Racing

Penrite Racing Mustang - Grove Racing gen 3 mustang

With its bold and striking livery, the Penrite Racing Ford Mustang will turn heads on the track. The deep red and black design, complete with the aptly contrasting iconic Penrite logo, makes this car a true standout.

This Grove Racing-built Mustang is not just a pretty face, however. It boasts advanced aerodynamics and a powerful engine, making it a formidable competitor on the track.

The Penrite Racing Ford Mustang is ready to take on the competition with a dynamic duo at the wheel. Matthew Payne and David Reynolds will be behind the wheel, bringing their unique blend of talent and competitiveness to the team.

Shell V-Power Racing Team Mustang – Dick Johnson Racing

Shell V-Power Racing Team Mustang - Dick Johnson Racing gen3 car

The iconic Shell V-Power livery is back and better than ever, as Dick Johnson Racing returns to the track with its next-generation Mustang. The familiar red, white, and yellow colour scheme is still present, but it has been updated to match the sleek design of the new Gen 3 car.

The team at Dick Johnson Racing has been a fundamental contributor to the development of Gen 3 and as you would expect their Mustang to be a true powerhouse on the track, and their hard work is sure to pay off.

The driving duo of Will Davison and Anton De Pasquale are back for their third consecutive season as teammates at Dick Johnson Racing.

Truck Assist Racing Camaro – Matt Stone Racing

Truck Assist Racing Camaro - Matt Stone Racing gen3 car

Matt Stone Racing was the first Supercars team to unveil their Gen3 Chevrolet Camaro on track, sporting a stylish Truck Assist livery. Cameron Hill and Jack Le Brocq, who were on hand at Queensland Raceway for the shakedown of the Gen3 Camaro, will be driving these beauties for MSR. With livery initially limited to the main sponsor it carried some menacing ‘batmobile’ looks that really got the fans talking.

gen3 camaro matt stone racing

Matt Stone’s team deserve two images also for being the first to test on track and to also show the stunning job they’ve done to complete both cars so quickly. The unveiling of the all-new machines marks a significant milestone for the team as it showcases their dedication to delivering top-performing vehicles.

We know your coffee break is only so long, so the rest of this blog is pure Gen3 eye-candy.  Check out the rest of the cars that have been revealed so far and we’re looking forward to the spectacle of the full grid at Newcastle.

DeWalt and Hino Racing Camaros – Team 18

dewalt gen3 racing camaro
hino racing camaro gen3 supercar

Middy’s, Pizza Hut, SCT, R&J Camaros – BJR Racing

middy's gen3 camaro
pizza hut gen3 camaro bjr racing
R&J gen 3 camaro
SCT gen3 camaro BJR racing

Coca-Cola Racing Camaro – Erebus Racing

Coca-Cola Racing Camaro - gen3 supercar - Erebus Racing

Castrol Racing Mustang – Tickford Racing

Castrol Racing Mustang - Tickford Racing gen3 car

Red Bull Ampol Racing – Triple Eight Engineering Racing

Red Bull Ampol Racing - Triple Eight Engineering Racing gen3

Mobil 1 Optus and NTI Racing – Walkinshaw Andretti United

Mobil 1 Optus gen3 supercar - Walkinshaw Andretti United
NTI Racing gen3 car - Walkinshaw Andretti United

PremiAir Racing Camaro – PremiAir Racing

PremiAir Racing Camaro - PremiAir Racing gen3 car

Gen3 Design and Engineering

Revved up and ready to race, the Gen3 supercars are the ultimate thrill machines hitting the track.

Designed to be lighter, faster, and more aerodynamic than their predecessors, these machines are engineered to deliver a thrilling and competitive racing experience like never before.

These beasts have been designed to resemble their road-going counterparts, making them instantly recognisable as Mustangs and Camaros. But don’t let their showroom looks fool you – they are packed with raw power and advanced technology that will push racers to their limits and raise the bar for high-performance racing. With an increased reliance on driver skill, the Gen3 supercars are set to ignite the track with intense and competitive races, providing a heart-pumping experience for spectators.

There is so much excitement surrounding the next generation of Supercars, and it will only get better as more reveals are announced.


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