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Everything You Need to Know About the Gen3-Inspired V8 Mustang GT

With the debut of the seventh-generation Mustang, the automotive world changed. The Gen3 Mustang, which is meticulously engineered and finely tuned to compete in the Australian Supercars Championship series, combines cutting-edge technology and a performance package to challenge motorsport’s best drivers.

In this article, we delve deep into the core of the Gen3-Inspired V8 Mustang GT, exploring its design evolution, technological advancements, and the sheer power that re-launches an iconic race car and propels it into the future. We unravel the story behind its creation, from the drawing board to the racetrack, covering everything you need to know about the Gen3-Inspired V8 Mustang GT – the beacon guiding the future of Australian motorsport.

The evolution of the Gen3 Mustang Supercar

The evolution of the Gen3 Mustang Supercar

The roots of this ground-breaking vehicle can be traced back to its predecessor, a Supercars prototype fashioned with sixth-generation Mustang body panels. Under the expert guidance of the Ford Performance Homologation Team at Dick Johnson Racing, this prototype laid the foundation for the Gen3 Supercar, a vehicle poised to redefine the standards of racing excellence.

What sets the Gen3 Mustang Supercar apart is its impressive lineage and striking design modifications. With a lower roofline and a wider footprint, it aligns itself more closely with its road-going counterpart, the Ford Mustang GT, creating a harmonious fusion of track-ready aggression and elegant aesthetics. Under its hood roars a 5.4L version of Ford’s renowned Coyote DOHC V8 engine. This powerhouse propels the Gen3 Supercar on the tracks and directly connects with its road-bound siblings, emphasising Ford’s commitment to performance-driven engineering.

One of the most significant departures in the Mustang tradition lies under the hood...

One of the most significant departures from tradition lies under the hood… 

Unlike its forebears, this marvel doesn’t rely on the familiar 5-litre pushrod V8 that has dominated the Aussie Supercars scene since the 1980s. Instead, it embraces a brand new V8 engine, a creation derived from the production car’s formidable 5.4-litre ‘Coyote’ unit.

This shift towards a more production car-oriented design and the introduction of the new Coyote-derived V8 engine signifies a new era in the Australian Supercars series. It’s a testament to the quality of street performance cars in today’s automotive industry, where the fusion of cutting-edge technology that can be transferred, improved on then fully tested in a motorsport environment.

When did the Gen3 Mustang get on the track?

The Gen3 Mustang Supercar made its competitive debut in 2023 across the globe. Ford teams, including the likes of Dick Johnson Racing, Tickford Racing, Grove Racing, Walkinshaw Andretti United, and the Blanchard Racing Team.

After previewing the Gen3 Mustang to open the 2022 Championship, prototypes of the new gen3 Mustang and Camaro were tested at various rounds and venues including the Mount Panorama Racing Circuit at Bathurst prior to the 2022 Bathurst 1000. On that memorable occasion, test drivers included Dick Johnson, the much revered founder of Dick Johnson Racing who thrill the huge number of V8 fans with laps behind the next era of Ford racing cars, which he had personally provided valuable input to develop with his team.



Will there be a Le Mans-inspired Mustang special?

Will there be a Le Mans-inspired Mustang special?

Ford has nine exciting Gen3 Mustang variants, but Ford’s President and CEO, Jim Farley, tantalisingly hinted at even more to come – specifically, a Le Mans-inspired special edition.

Farley shared the company’s plans for the ‘S650’ Mustang, hinting at its connection to the iconic Le Mans race. Ford has already confirmed its return to the legendary 24-hour endurance race in 2024 with the new GT3-specification Mustang. Still, Farley emphasised that this endeavour signals the beginning, not the conclusion, of their ambitions.

You need a road car to go to Le Mans, but when pressed for details on this mysterious model, Farley kept his cards close to his chest. When asked if it would differ from the traditional Shelby high-performance variants, he cryptically responded, “You’ll find out.”

Farley, a fervent advocate for motorsport, emphasised the need for breakthrough technology in Ford’s quest to outshine established competitors like Ferrari and Porsche at Le Mans. He teased that whatever they unveil will be “very special,” underscoring Ford’s determination to bring a game-changing contender to the racing arena.

The speculation regarding this enigmatic addition to the Mustang family was confirmed when in June 2023, Ford unveiled the 2024 Ford Mustang GT3 at Le Mans prior to the running of the 100th Anniversary of the world-famous 24-Hour Race. The Mustang GT3 is based on the Dark Horse version of the production model which effectively replaces the S550 Mach 1 as the halo model of the line-up and is scheduled to go on sale in Australia in late 2023.

How can you get behind the wheel of a Gen3-Inspired V8 Mustang GT?

How can you get behind the wheel of a Gen3-Inspired V8 Mustang GT?

Driving a Gen3 Mustang is an unparalleled experience, and enthusiasts have a rare opportunity to do this, all with just a regular driver’s license in hand.

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